Month: May 2016

Scary world we live in Today

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A day doesn’t go by that when you turn on the radio, tv or social media that you don’t see someone getting robbed, murdered, or raped, etc. Unfortunately it has become a norm in today’s society.

We must learn to be aware of our surroundings and know how to protect ourselves. There are places that will teach you self defense and you can also take a class in order to get a conceal carry license. Just remember that not all places allow conceal carry on their premises. For example – colleges, schools, fairgrounds, court houses etc. Even though they don’t allow doesn’t mean that it is a safe place. So in order to follow rules yet be safe everywhere we are then we need another form of protection.

You may be asking what? There are a variety of non lethal tools that are available. Example – stun gun, pepper spray, and other defense tools.

Would you like to learn more? Let me help you help yourself and those you love.

One item that is very useful and is legal in all 50 states is the Sock It To Me Kubotan . So it is an ideal self-defense tool for women of all ages!  Only $10!! and comes in a variety of colors to match any wardrobe. This popular key-chain striking tool increases the power of any defensive strike.


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Understand life cycles before you jump in

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I have so much to say about this but will keep it short as I can!

The society today does not understand the life cycle of the world/animals. They all want to be do gooders and they are NOT. They want everything to be warm hugs and puppies – THAT IS NOT LIFE!! They want to bash people that make their livings caring for livestock, etc without knowing the facts. All they are doing is HARMING them – they are not helping. Not all/most animals are meant to be OUTSIDE, IN THE ELEMENTS, ON THE GROUND, AND THEIR PURPOSE IN LIFE IS TO COMPLETE A LIFE CYCLE!!
So before you decide to become a do gooder and cause grief for not only the caretakers but the animals -then you need to spend time in the environment that the animal is BROUGHT into this world for. You need to research how that animal has been cared for in the centuries before you decide that you had a BRIGHT IDEA to put clothes on them, bring them into a house, babied like a human being.
Example —-
Sheep are meant to be sheared!! If not then they can have major issues – it doesn’t hurt them. They are also a source of food.
Cows are meant to be milked ! It doesn’t hurt them and dairies don’t milk them ALL day nor do they RIP the young off of them NOR do they kill their young. Cows are also meant to be used for food.
Bison aka Buffalo are meant to be WILD!! These animals and all the above were equipped by the good LORD above to survive all kinds of elements.